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A new garage door is an excellent way to improve the curb appeal of your house while also providing a variety of practical benefits for your home. However, installing a new garage door is not something any homeowner should take on themselves. Stickley’s Garage Doors and More offers affordable professional garage door installation in Vancouver, WA, ensuring your new garage door looks and functions as it’s supposed to. Our knowledgeable, skilled technicians bring more than 30 years of experience and provide a friendly customer experience with high-quality results. Learn more about our garage door installation service and contact us today!


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Benefits Of Getting A New Garage Door

  • More Protection and Security

  • Increased Home Value

  • Better Curb Appeal

  • Superior Insulation

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Safer and Easier To Use



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Professional Garage Door Installation

Purchasing a new garage door is exciting and a fantastic way to enhance your home. But a garage door is only enjoyable if it works the way it’s supposed to. Stickley’s Garage Doors and More offers professional garage door installation at affordable prices so that you can enjoy your properly-working garage door for decades.

Our experienced technicians bring more than 30 years of industry experiencing, providing the knowledge and tools needed to install your new garage door safely and quickly. Our installations produce high-quality results and we strive to make the entire experience enjoyable thanks to exceptional customer service from start to finish.

Choosing Stickley’s means your new garage door will work exactly as it should for years to come, and we’re more than happy to come back to perform routine maintenance so that your garage door never faces any issues.

If you’re looking for professional garage door installation in the Vancouver, WA area, contact us today and receive your FREE estimate!


Choose The Best Garage Doors For Your Home

When your old garage door no longer works or you’re simply ready for an improvement, a new garage door is a great investment for your home. There are many types and styles of garage doors to choose from, and our experts will gladly help you choose the best new garage door to fit the aesthetic of your home while providing smooth opening and access to your garage.

For most homeowners, the best place to start when selecting a new garage door is to decide which style you prefer. From traditional to contemporary looks, we can help you match the best door for your home. Each style also offers a range of materials such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Glass

No matter which style or material you choose for your new garage door, our skilled technicians can handle the installation quickly and safely. Contact us today and let’s find the best new garage door for you, including a FREE installation estimate!


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Stickley’s Garage Doors and More brings more than 30 years of experience to every project. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and exceptional results, no matter the service we provide. Our garage door installations are affordable and ensure your new garage door works safely and properly for years to come. If you’re a Vancouver, WA homeowner in need of professional garage door installation, contact us and receive your free quote today!