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Homeowners use their garage doors every single day. Whether you’re going to and from work, the grocery store, or your child’s school, you trust your garage door to help protect your vehicle and your personal belongings. If this important tool hasn’t been serviced since you moved in, now is the perfect time to make sure everything is working properly. Stickley’s Garage Doors and More is dedicated to performing the necessary garage door maintenance, to save every client from replacing them prematurely. With more than 30 years of experience under our belts, our skilled technicians will come straight to your home and quickly assess any problems you may have and how they can be fixed. We are proud to offer the Vancouver, WA community affordable prices and unparalleled customer service, all in an effort to improve a very important aspect of your home’s construction. Get more out of your garage door for years to come! Contact us today to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate!


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Parts Of The Garage Door Opener System We Can Repair

  • Door Opener

  • Springs & Cables

  • Tracks & Rollers

  • Safety Sensors

  • Entry Buttons

  • And More



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Comprehensive Garage Door Opener Repair

When you experience issues with your garage door opening and closing or the switches/remotes aren’t working, the most likely culprit is the garage door opener. This operator is the box attached to the ceiling of your garage that receives the signal from the switch or remote and houses the motor that produces the energy to open and close the garage door itself. Many things can cause your opener to no longer function as it’s supposed to, which is where we come in!

One of our highly trained and experienced technicians comes to your home at a time that’s most convenient for you and investigates the issue, generally starting witht the garage door opener. No matter the type of opener you have, our technicians are able to diagnose the problem and provide quick, affordable garage door opener repairs so that your system returns to smooth, working order.

There is simply no component our technicians can’t diagnose and repair, including the tracks and rollers, cables, springs, safety sensors, and beyond. Best of all, we provide you with an affordable, free estimate before any repairs are started.

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door opener or any other component of the garage door system, contact us today and let one of our expert technicians come out and identify the problem and provide the solution!


Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

Because the garage door opener is the heart of the entire system, it’s important that your opener is working properly, which means it has to be installed correctly. While it may seem like an easy task for any homeowner to tackle, it’s actually quite complex. Instead of risking expensive damage to your garage door system from improper installation, call Stickley’s Garage Doors and let our experts get the job done right.

Our technicians are trained and experienced with garage door opener installation of all types, the most common openers being chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. These names simply refer to the pulleys used in the opener’s motor that move the trolley back and forth to open and close the garage door. Our team can also easily configure your door to your opener or car button to make life easier right away.

You’re just one quick phone call away from getting your new garage door opener installed by a trained professional who works around your schedule and strives for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Contact us today and receive a free estimate for our garage door opener installation service!


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Stickley’s Garage Doors and More brings more than 30 years of experience to every project. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and exceptional results, no matter the service we provide. Our garage door opener repair and installation services are affordable and ensure your new garage door works safely and properly for years to come. If you’re a Vancouver, WA homeowner in need of professional garage door opener repair or installation, contact us and receive your free quote today!